What Do Employers Really Look For?

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It seems like everywhere you apply to requests the same thing: a resume and a cover letter. Its the same story! But what are these hiring professionals really looking for on your resume? And is a cover letter really even necessary? Well according to the recruiting software company Jobvite's annual report, things like a cover letter, and the your college GPA, aren't nearly as important as once thought.

According to the annual report, 60% of all recruiters surveyed found GPA and cover letters to be some of the least important factors in making a hiring decision. Some of the more important factors were cultural fit and previous work experience, which 88% and 87% of recruiters, respectively, found most important. However, the most rapidly changing trend is personal referrals. In the 2014 edition of Jobvite's report, 60% of recruiters found personal referrals to be an important factor to the hiring decision. This year, that number jumped up to 78%. 

The report also touched on other parts of a candidate's profile, ones that normally aren't thought of as much. Did you know that recruiters find 56% of qualified candidates through social media? With social media taking over so many people's lives, it only seems natural that recruiters will look there to find and learn about candidates before making any decisions. Some helpful tips that were presented in this report were:

  • Double-check your spelling and grammar. Most recruiters see sloppy mistakes as a negative. U better mke sure 2 proofread!
  • Engage in conversations about current topics and trends. But be sure to engage in a professional, respectful way.
  • Stop taking so many selfies! It was reported that 25% of recruiters see selfies as a negative, especially ones containing alcohol or drug consumption.

If you have any questions on resume building, or need suggestions as to what recruiters may find most important, call your local First Choice Staffing office. We are here to help you!

The Jobvite report is full of great information that can be useful to both recruiters and job seekers. To see the full report, head over to www.jobvite.com.

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