Safety Session 2 - Cold and Flu Prevention

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'Tis the season! No we are not talking about the Holiday Season. It is that magical time of the year where cold weather kicks in to high-gear, and sickness rears its ugly head. With so much sickness around in the workplace, at home, and in schools, how can you possibly avoid it? While it is almost impossible to avoid it all, there are some ways you can take action to decrease your chances of getting sick. Feel free to share this with your staff, friends, family and colleagues!


Some Obvious Measures

Of course when its cold, dressing warm seems to be an obvious thing to do! Make sure to wear a hat too as you lose up to 30% of your body heat through your head. Also, be sure to wash and sanitize your hands regularly. 


Not-So Obvious Measures

While washing your hands and dressing warm seem no-brainers during the cold season, there are a number of other preventative measures you can take to help avoid sickness. 

Increasing your Zinc and Garlic Intake is a great way to boost your immune system. Eating foods high in Zinc, such as meat, eggs, seafood, tofu, and more, help to give your immune system a jump start that can fight off colds. Also, increasing your intake of Garlic can help to ease chest complaints! 

Avoid Central Heating. Wait what? You heard right! Central heating not only can reduce your defense, but it dries out the mucous in your nasal passages. That can lead to sore throat, and can aggravate chest conditions. USE A HUMIDIFIER!

Live a healthy lifestyle! Stay hydrated, stay active, and get a good night sleep! Staying hydrated throughout the day promotes good kidney function and also helps to flush toxins out of the body. Exercising regularly can help increase lymphocytes in the bloodstream. These "soldier cells" help to fight against bacteria and viruses. And did you know that sleep deprivation can suppress immune system function? So get to sleep!


Excepted from:  Occupational Athletics (OAI) monthly "Partners in Prevention" newsletter

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