Fun Fact of the Day: OSHA Website


Here is a fun fact for employers and job seekers alike! Did you know that an infinite amount of safety information is available on the OSHA website? Let's take a quick look at some available features of their website!

For employees, there is a lot to do! You can learn about certain safety topics across multiple industries. You can find out how to get your OSHA 10 hour certification; both the cost and the locations! And in a tough spot, you can even report violations you come across in the workplace.  While our recommendation is always to speak to a supervisor, or HR, about these issues first, things sometimes happen, or don't happen that cause you to move past that stage.

On the business side of things, tons of useful information is available. You can read and print required posters and information that should be present across the workplace. Learning about new and ever changing safety initiatives remains a HUGE reason to keep track of the site. You can even reach out to an OSHA representative to get a FREE on-site consultation of your company's safety programs.

Another interesting feature of the site is the ability to search establishments for recent and past OSHA violations. You can search by state, or more specifically, OSHA office to see listings of violations for local businesses.

Take a look! There is always new information to read up on and prepare you, or your business for! As they say, knowledge is power!

OSHA Website

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